MapsTD: One of the things I made.

About Me

I'm Duncan, a web developer from Bath (in England). I work at blubolt making amazing e-commerce websites, and other fun websites and tools in my spare time.


PHP is the main programming language I've beeen using since the turn of the century, having made many things - both in my spare time and professionally - with it. More recently I've found a love for JavaScript, and as such I've been making more and more things using it.

I do also have a working knowledge of a number of other languages, including Flex, Java, C, Bash scripting, and many others, but that knowledge is used much less frequently than PHP and JavaScript.


I have a degree in Computer Science from the University of Bath, and some A levels and GCSEs from my time at school. If you want more information about those, and have a reason to want it (such as offering me a job), please contact me. It's probably also worth noting that I'm not currently looking for a new job.


Generally, I'm rather technically minded, and thus boring. Sorry.

If that didn't put you off, I'm particularly interested in many of the more modern problems affecting the IT industry, including peer-to-peer file sharing (both from a technological point of view - the BitTorrent protocol is fun - and the legal issues surrounding it), online privacy and a whole host of other things.


I've worked on many things over the years. These are some of the more successful or interesting ones.

MapsTD - Tower defence on Google Maps

MapsTD, or Maps Tower Defence, is a game built on Google Maps. The aim is to protect your home from invading creeps by building towers, which attack the creeps.

It is the most successful project I personally built from scratch, having had 100,000 unique visitors with 180,000 games loaded within 4 days of launching.


Given MapsTD's use of the Google Maps API, the primary language used for development is JavaScript, with Mootools being used as a development toolkit.


MapsTD has been mentioned in the following places:


@BathFood is a Twitter account that tweets the latest food hygiene ratings for food establishments within the Bath area. The ratings are taken from the website by a PHP script which adds them to a database, ready for another script to come along and tweet the latest every few hours.


MyFootballClub is a society allowing football fans to own and run the football club Ebbsfleet United. It provides members with functionality from basic social networking features to specific tools to pick the team used in football games, giving them the capabilities to make the key decisions for the club.

I have been involved in the development of the site from fairly early on, improving existing functionality and adding new features, including:

  • Team selector
  • Match reports, upcoming matches, and other similar functionality
  • Payment solutions
  • Code for a redesign of the whole site

BBC Backstage projects

Many years ago I made a number of prototypes using data available through BBC Backstage, including mapping news stories (featured in Linux Format) and travel data such as train delays, a tv listings app and many other small things. These have mostly gone offline now.